Your ID is my ID, with Officer Cruise of the Williston PD, ND

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Suddenly, my ID no longer was my property anymore, because officer Ravaska said so. I get accused of a crime and my personal information transpires into public information. The reasonable public gave them permission to see my ID. The public needs to know my address, date of birth and criminal record, and even more by uncomfortable investigation. The public holds my property now. The public is represented by the cops. Who give the public what it demands? Who else but the cops. They acquire your full profile (dead or alive) and you have to surrender your freedom, one way or

Officer Cruise displays a subtle triumph by quickly taking possession of my ID. He takes my ID in front of me while I'm sitting on the floor with my hands shackled. He didn't need to beat me up or kill me, just exploit the "color of law" to achieve my submission as the obedient citizen.

I feel bad losing my civil rights to an arrest. That bad feeling is extended into the Covid lock down jails, which get even worse. Then after an achingly long time in solitary confinement, with no one to talk to, the first person I am allowed to talk to is Judge Zander who belittled me and calls me "underemployed". Did the municipal judge in Fort Worth, Texas also talk condescendingly to Mr. Cruise?

without seeing the Fort Worth police report, I have wonder if Mr Cruise may have been wrestled to the ground like Officer Cruise did to me? Did Mr. Cruise surrender his ID by sitting in handcuffs as Officer Cruise searched his wallet and bags? Mr Cruise probably had luggage at the Fort Worth airport. The police will perform a search of his stuff right in front of him in a demeaning way, similar to how Officer Cruise searched my own belongings.

Williston Police Department
223 E Broadway # 201, Williston, ND 58801
(701) 577-1212

0:00 Cruise takes the ID and throws it on the table
0:41 ID is on computer
1:49 ID in left hand
1:56 ID in right hand and then placed on right leg
5:31 ID in right hand and then placed on right leg again
6:44 ID on right leg
8:00 ID in folded paper that is put on dashboard
8:05 Oops dropped ID on floorboard
8:12 recovered ID
8:14 ID in left hand
8:19 ID and belongings together
8:25 ID put on car hood
8:29 ID moved more to the front of car hood
8:58 ID in left hand
9:01 ID used to point inside
9:09 ID juggled with paperwork
9:34 ID used to point where to go
9:42 ID given to jailer Olson and Carr

in this video I show only the parts where my ID is showing on video, even if only a small corner of the ID. The focus is on Cruises handling of my ID.
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