WoW Classic - PALADIN SOLO ZF GY 42-54!! 150k xp/hr | 10 Min Clears!

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01:24 - Full Clear
18:14 - Improved Burst Strategy
21:05 - Invisibility Potion Strategy
25:42 - First Ever Attempt
28:31 - First Successful Clear

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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out this wow classic video! If you're enjoying these videos or have any questions, please let me know in the comments below, like the videos and subscribe! They really help out the channel and help more people learn these strategies!

In today's wow classic video we show how pallys can solo ZF GY at lv 42!!! This speed level / gold farm is absolutely incredible, just like the mage ZF GY solo. It's slightly slower, and slightly more expensive than mages but pallies can still get 150k experience per hour!! ZF GY solo leveling strategy can be done all the way from level 42-54 and once you hit lv 50 you can get 10 minute clears!! I hope this helps you speed level your pally through the mid 40s!

Thank you everyone and I hope this video helped you in some way! If it did or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Look forward to seeing you all in the next video!
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