WoW Classic - BEST MAGE SOLO LEVELING STRATEGY 54-57! 100k xp/hr | 80g/hr!

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Talents -
ZF 42-54 Leveling Strategy -
DM 57-60 Leveling Strategy -
Mara 1 pull level 52 -

1:20 - Full Run
16:48 - Gear
17:22 - Talents

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out this wow classic video! If you're enjoying these videos or have any questions, please let me know in the comments below, like the videos and subscribe! They really help out the channel and help more people learn these strategies!

This video is the next installment in the solo mage leveling series! Here we level from 54-57 incredibly fast through a mara 1 pull, HOWEVER, not your typical Mara 1 pull! We were able to get roughly 100k xp/hr through this leveling strategy, which means we can level up from 54-57 in about 5 hours! This is going to be the best mage solo leveling strategy from 54-57! Through this, the ZF 1 pull, Mara 1 pulls, and DM N + DM E leveling, we're going to be able to go from 42-60 INCREDIBLY fast!!

Thank you everyone and I hope this video helped you in some way! If it did or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Look forward to seeing you all in the next video!
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