VR MMORPG Zenith - Closed Alpha Essence Mage gameplay and community moments

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Unedited gameplay video about the new VR MMORPG Zenith !
You can find better quality videos on youtubes and twitch sponsored by Zenith, I'm just trying to spread the love and the hype by quickly showing here what some real in-game experience is, with some fighting, exploring, chatting and memes.

Its closed alpha just opened, almost two years after the most succesful VR kickstarter yet.
It has big ambitions, and for us its just some sweet gamer treasure.

Find more about in at


0:00 Combat
0:50 Discovering how to glide
2:49 Quick event skirmish
5:18 Meeting some players
9:49 Exploring & climbing
11:04 Memes
12:15 Ded
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