Vintage Computer: UNIVAC III Origin and History (LARC)

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COMPUTER HISTORY: An Introduction to the UNIVAC III Computer of 1962 and its relationship to the UNIVAC LARC (Livermore Advanced Research Computer) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Built by Remington Rand UNIVAC Division of Sperry Rand, these giant machines are part of the legacy ancestry of Unisys Corporation. Fascinating history and technology. An 8 minute presentation with some additional footage at the end. Also, included some links below for more detailed history for those who want to explore further. Hope you enjoy this bit of computing history! (Computer History Archives Project)

Start: 00:03
Acknowledgements: 07:32
Copyright info: 07:58
Additional Scenes: 8:08


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“LARC circuit board” and “LARC full room view”
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