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- Gimars Large Smooth Superfine Fibre Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support - Mousepad with Nonslip Base for

#computer #accessories #headsets These are real reviews about Gimars Large Smooth Superfine Fibre Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support - Mousepad with Nonslip Base for from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision. computer accessories - 10 awesome computer accessories under $50 (you'll hate yourself for not buying). cool pc accessories you've never heard of! top 8 best desk accessories & gadgets to buy in 2020. top 10 must have laptop accessories & gadgets in 2020. here is our list of 7 low-key accessories for your pc. cool pc tech accessories! from bluetooth keyboards usb hubs to a tablet stand and mini light these are some of my top accessories for the samsung galaxy tab s7 plus! 12 coolest pc & laptop accessorıes that are worth buying. 14 coolest pc accessorıes that are worth buying. 5 coolest computer accessories in ındia on flipkart & amazon -2018. 16 coolest pc accessories that are worth buying + gıveaway. top 10 best desk accessories & gadgets you should have. best laptop accessories list: ıf you're rocking a pc gaming setup and want to make it even better here's the best accessories for your gaming pc build!. 7 must have pc accessories under $100. computer accessories wholesale market smart gadgets wholesale market. I bought the mouse pad for my wife and she really liked it. I also received a nice message from Gimars to make sure I was happy with there product. Very nice of them.
I broke my wrist a few months ago, and let me tell you - this mouse pad has been a GAME CHANGER. Don’t hesitate to treat yo self - and treat yo wrist. Say goodbye to carpal tunnel, people.
Bought this thinking it would at least be memory foam, but it has no give at all. I had radial nerve surgery and tennis elbow surgery and cannot move my right hand or bend it while using computer.
Was hoping this would be more comfortable. I bought a special mouse to go along with it. ******update***** Was contacted by seller and they are making things right by refunding my money.
They are prompt and courteous and would buy from them again. This item was not right for my situation. They keyboard wrist guard was fairly comfortable, but I needed a gel guard for my photo of it is a gel pad, but is not a gel pad either.
It's great! Have a good grip, comfortable and wont screw up your desk.
Not 5 minutes into using the mousepad I could feel the difference. It's like resting on a cloud. More than enough space for me to maneuver my mouse and my wrist movement isnt restricted by the cushionWorth every copper.
Wrist pad is positioned perfectlyfor comfort and mouse glides easily along length & height of pad. Works great for gaming and seller is AAA++
I love it highly recommended I buy another one for my work this really comfortable and very relaxing wrist 10/10
I often find my wrist aching while Im using a flat mousepad. I had a cushioned pad at my last job and really prefer it, it makes a huge one is a nice blue, came packaged nicely, and is a huge relief on my wrist.
Does exactly what I want it to. Our desk here is a formica topped desk so I have no issues with it sliding, but it did cover with a set of 3M stickers to adhere it if you have slippage.
This is a really nice detail for them to include fabric is nice also, I find myself really liking the feel of this pad. Really glad I ordered this one!
I wasnt hopeful because some Gel mouse pads had bad reviews, but this one is perfect.
It is not too thick, its black which is best because it matches the keyboard, the material covering the wrist pad & wrist rest is very soft, and the memory foam pad is both soft yet firm - it is not squishy liquid gel like some - so no leaking.
It is exactly what I had hoped for
When I ordered this it came pretty fast. It's really a nice mouse pad big enough for a small to medium mouse also it didn't have a very plasticky or cheap smell overall a pretty good purchase for the price
Nice and squishy. They even give you rubber things to stick on the bottom so it stays in place.
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