Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Cipher Pol

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The World Government is the biggest power in the entire world of One Piece. It is ruled over by the Five Elders. In order to keep a check on the people, the World Government created the Cipher Pol. There are many Cipher Pols that have already been revealed in the series.
These are secret agencies that do the dirty work of the World Government. They carry out every mission that is given out to them. These secret organizations are usually kept hidden from the public eye due to the ghastly jobs they work. Here are ten facts that you didn't know about the Cipher Pol.
10. Directly Report to World Government.
9. Rokushiki Masters.
8. Trained Assassins.
7. Access to Strong Devil Fruits.
6. Haki Users.
5. Ten Cipher Pols.
4. Undertake Highly Covert Operations.
3. High Authority.
2. Cipher Pol Is Much Stronger Than Most Marines.
1. Special Permissions.

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