Top 10 Digital Assets In A Knowledge Business

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Assets put money into your pocket, and a liability takes money out of your pocket. That's the definition of assets versus liabilities.
And in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you a concept called Digital Assets, and I'm going to be revealing to you the top 10 Digital Assets that can give you more leverage, more freedom, impact, and more money in a knowledge business.
So if you want to put your business into God's mode, with 24/7 pieces of content working for you, let's understand the top 10 digital assets in the knowledge business.
First, I would like you to understand the difference between an asset and a liability and what kind of digital assets you need to be focusing on building over the next few months,
like this particular video is a digital asset for me because this video, even though I'm putting the effort to create it once this is going to work for me 24/7 for months.

A lot of people buy a house thinking it's an asset, but unless that house is generating income for you or rental income for you, you cannot call it an asset, It's just a liability. If you are going to be living in that house. Okay?
The same can be applied in the digital space. Anything that binds you more into your business, is a liability, and anything that gives you more freedom in your business is an asset, according to me. :D
An asset is something that brings out your Digital Persona, something that works for you while you sleep, and creates your freedom lifestyle, and more freedom in your own life.

So here are the Ten different types of assets that you need to start consciously building in your Digital Coaching Business.
1) Blog or your Website.
2) Landing Page
3) Email List
4) Social Media Followers
5) Funnels
6) Email Sequence
7) Content
8) YouTube Channel
9) Digital Assets
10) Connections And Collaborations

These assets that I mentioned are going to help you generate traffic to build your list, to create more income but the missing link and the main part is YOU.
When you go deep into a deeper mission and positioning for yourself, then every single asset that you put out there will have potency.
You have to stand for something strong, and if you don't stand for something your digital assets will not have potency, which will not help you attract the right kind of traffic.

The real driving factor of your success is YOU, and the Power of your Uniqueness.

Cheers, All the best.
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