The Scariest Wii Game Ever.

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Schlatt plays M&Ms Beach Party and furnishes his room.

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Edited by @ModestCube

Wowza. After playing M&Ms Kart Racing thanks to Scott The Woz's shining review of the game, Schlatt plays Wii Games again with M&Ms Beach Party. In this hilarious Wii Gameplay video, Schlatt and Minx compilations are nowhere to be found, because the Green M&M is doing something for him, and it's nothing good. Watch as Schlatt Unboxes weird things (like a Meowing Kitty Piggy Bank, and Whatever That Other Thing Was). Thanks again to good friend TommyInnit for the thumbnail inspiration. I love Big Red Arrows and the Dream SMP (Sorry I ruined the Dream SMP and also got kicked from the Dream SMP!) Writing these gets less fun every day, but I do it for the views.
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