Tenere 700 Suspension, Shock, Fork Spring and Grease Install with Touratech

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Yamaha's Tenere 700 is a smash hit but heavier and more aggressive riders feel it's necessary is to improve the suspension which was originally designed for 150lb jockeys. If you're well over that target rider weight, you may find the following suspension upgrades will make your Tenere 700 not only more comfortable, but fun as well. We cover both the rear shock removal and install with a Touratech Explore HP upgrade shock and also the Touratech Progressive Fork Spring Kit with 10w fork oil in the front.

We strongly recommend doing both of these at the same time to balance out your ride. At the same time, we tackle the well known "Greasegate" where many owners found some of the rear suspension linkage to be under lubricated. We take care of this showing the process involved using the OEM center-stand. This article and video are not meant to be a "bolt by bolt" removal guide for the Tenere 700's front and rear suspension. It assumes you know how to remove basic components like plastic panels, wheels and work with basic nuts and bolts.

After having completed the install, we can say the Tenere 700 is much easier to work on than the average bike this size. Whether doing a shock upgrade or pulling the stock shock to DIY change the spring, we hope you find the video useful as a general guide. The top and bottom rear shock bolts are easy to access as are the lower suspension relay (the L-shaped linkage piece) bolts which need to be pulled and packed with grease since not much came from the factory.

Primary torque specifications for all related major components to this job are listed below. If there are any errors or info you'd like to add, please let us know in the comments!

• Parts/Tools in this Video:

• Touratech Explore HP Shock w/ PDS --

• Touratech Progressive Fork Spring Kit --

• Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool --

• Install article with more torque values and riding impression

00:00 - Start
00:26 - Shock Removal
07:20 - Shock Comparison (OEM vs Touratech Explore HP)
11:45 - Shock Install
14:48 - Fork Spring and Oil Upgrade
24:35 - Summary
• Yamaha Tenere 700 Suspension Fork and Shock Torque Specifications:

• Rear Shock:
Rear Shock upper (top) nut: 33
Rear Shock Lower (bottom) nut: 33
Upper Suspension Relay Bolt (attaches to frame): 44
Lower Suspension Relay Bolt (attaches to linkage/dog bones): 35
Rear Shock Suspension Relay Bolt (attaches to lower shock mount): 33
Dog Bone/Linkage to Lower Swingarm Mount: 35

• Front Fork:
Front Wheel Axle: 53
Front Wheel Axle Pinch Bolt: 15
Front Brake Caliper Bolt: 30
Front Fork Cap: 22
Upper Bracket Pinch Bolt: 17
Lower Bracket Pinch Bolt: 15

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