Steven Mark Ryan of Solving the Money Problem: Tesla, AI, U.S. Election, Neuralink (Ep. 171)

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In this video I share my conversation with Steven Mark Ryan of
@Solving The Money Problem . My next interview will be with @Chicken Genius Singapore .

Note: I'm not going to agree with everything everyone says in these long-form conversations, but I don't feel the need to interrupt and argue on everything I disagree with. So, just because I didn't address or call out an issue, it doesn't mean that I'm in agreement. Rather, in this conversation there were many beliefs and approaches where I had a different opinion or belief, and occasionally I did share those but most of the time I didn't since the point of the conversation wasn't to be right but rather to try to find common ground and to explore depth and clarity of thought (sometimes people have it and sometimes they don’t, including myself). Don’t believe stuff just because someone on YouTube says it’s true, rather evaluate and be responsible for your own beliefs and approaches. I enioy these long-form conversations because it gives me a chance to dive deeper into topics and also into the thoughts of others. And I appreciate the respect and openness that all of my guests have in coming on my channel. Can't wait for the next conversation! Please share who you'd like me to interview next.

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1:45 - How do you feel about your channel blowing up?
4:45 - How Steven got started on YouTube
8:07 - Editing and doing videos
9:45 - The story behind “Solving the Money Problem”
11:20 - The interconnectedness of money, health, personal wholeness
11:50 - Childhood
15:00 - Playing music
16:35 - Questing authority and its role in investing
22:20 - Health and nutrition
25:45 - How Steven got interested in Tesla
31:00 - Superforecasting
33:44 - Inevitable trends
36:10 - Not watching TV
41:05 - Breaking out of passivity
44:40 - AI
50:09 - The dark side of AI and Tech
53:40 - Tesla risks
56:55 Tesla competition
50:55 - Licensing Tesla tech
1:02:10 - Robotaxi
1:04:06 - Shifting public perception on Tesla
1:06:25 - Reason for not selling TSLA
1:08:53 - Not fearing losing money
1:16:25 - The future of the YT channel
1:27:15 - Moving to the US
1:28:15 - Views of the US
1:29:15 - Election predictions
1:35:25 - Genomics
1:38:35 - Neuralink
1:43:05 - Minimalism

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Disclaimer: All content on this channel is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of information on this channel. Author is long TSLA, SQ, LMND and other stocks at time of original video publish date.
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