Sonny Evans Hates YOU! | Rockstar Resets Gta 5 Online Accounts

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Update on Did Rockstar Games reset your Gta 5 Online Account? Double Standards | NitrixWarlord

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GTA 5 Online Full Character Resets, Permanent Bans Largest Ban In History Of Rockstar Games

Update Rockstar Games has responded to the huge backlash they have received from gamers over Gta 5 Online Accounts being reset.
Link to Sonny Evans Tweet

We are going to be talking about the creator of Gta Geographic Sonny Evans or as some know him Dear Director. He is well known for creating Fortnite videos.
Hes also made Red Dead 2 videos like Can you walk a bowl of stew across the map in Red Dead Redemption 2?
As well as Gta videos like
The Fortnite Boys have invaded and destroyed GTA Online (Starting Over in 2020)
Can You Walk Across The Map Without DYING in GTA 5 Online?
It might be IMPOSSIBLE to survive this Manhunt in GTA 5 Online (Cops n Crooks)
Can you Bike across the map without Dying in GTA 5 Online (The ULTIMATE Challenge)
We Tried Doing The HARDEST Thing in GTA Online Without Breaking ANY Traffic Laws
and Can you fly a BLIMP around the map without DYING in GTA 5 Online?
Apparently even though Sonny Evans uses a modded account on Gta 5 Online he finds it funny that people had their Gta 5 Online accounts Reset by rockstar.
He also prefers his subscribers be fans of Fortnite instead of Gta 5 Online.
Apparently his Gta 5 Online subscribers are cringe.
Hes sitting on his Golden throne looking down upon us peasants.
Even Nitrix Warlord has decided to leave Gta 5 Online for now after his ps4 gta account was He has officially become the King of the Furries for now at least.
It seems Rockstar Games has reset a large amount of their Gta 5 Online player base accounts. This seems for counter productive for a company such as rockstar games and take two interactive. They reset accounts for using the Apartment Money Glitch on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online / work arounds. However they have done nothing to anyone abusing the Gta 5 Godmode glitch on foot thats been out since the most recent DLC came out.
Double at least if you are going to reset accounts that do the money glitch do something about the more destructive godmode glitches. There is no excuse besides blatant greed Godmode speedo has been here for almost 2 years now. FIX IT.
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