Roblox Code ID (Melanie Martinez K-12 Songs)

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This video is also for my friend who wants to know about the code so im giving it out for everybody who wants it as well or looking for it when they on device and not on pc SO HAVE FUN!

List of ROBLOX ID:
Teacher's Pet= 3908043580
Recess= 3904966391
Lunchbox Friends= 3887694257
Wheels On The Bus= 3898358473
Strawberry Shortcake= 4452736199 (this is a snippet one because the full song got removed)
Class Fight= 3895874223 (changed the id full song so here you go)
Drama club= 3589419640 (I made some mistake in the video so I found the full song anyway enjoy it!)
High School Sweethearts= 3875228657
Show & Tell= 3823067912
Orange Juice= 3850682536
Nurse's Office= 3899495835
Detention= 3908112818
The Principal= 3909084193
Fire Drill= 3852447835

Fore those who are looking for Fire Drill there is the code for it
sorry that i didn't put it in because Melanie didn't put it out as album anymore and I know it probably not what you expected but it all I could find that isn't copyrighted and no it may or may not be a full song so your welcome.

Warning: If I see any hate comments you will be removed or blocked out of my videos this video is only for those who do enjoy watching it and also need it so ENJOY IT!!

I don't own these songs but These songs are owned by Melanie Martinez SO DONT COME FOR ME!!
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