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Robert Toru Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos.
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Welcome to “ BE UNIQUE" This is where we aim to inspire,motivate and encourage in all ways of your life. our goal is to keep you motivated so you can achieve your goals and follow your dreams. Everyone needs to be motivated to steward their purpose in life.

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If you're new to my channel then I want to welcome you to “BE UNIQUE". This channel is all about business, investing motivation,and money. Mainly helping entrepreneurs grow smarter and more financially stable in today's society. I try our best to creat the best inspirational videos, Motivational videos to help to lift you up when you are down and to inform you so that you can become a better person in business and in your life. I try my best to highlight legends like- Bill Gates, Elon musk, Robert kiyosaki, Warren Buffet,Shundar pichai,and many more. So please be sure to hit the like button to show your gratefulness and to be sure to subscribe for more from us,thank you.

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DISCLAIMER- It's important to note that I am not a financial advisor and you should do your own research when picking stock to invest in. These are just some of the viewpoints, by no means would I recommend watching one YouTube video and then immediately buying the video was made for educational purposes only. Consult your financial advisor, thank you.
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