Review: Inside Neglected Assets (by Lee Arnold)

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Press Release:

Introducing Neglected Assets, an incredible new training program that expertly teaches real estate investors to systematically find Neglected Assets and quickly cash-in on this highly untapped market of properties in nearly any market.

May 2021 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce a remarkable new real estate investing program: Neglected Assets by Lee Arnold. This distinctive system is for newer and seasoned investors who want to profit quickly and repeatedly from this underutilized and relatively known REI strategy.

The program covers specifics about the little-known category of “nuisance properties” and show you how to find hidden lists of these neglected assets across the

Lee explains how to be the hero for motivated owners with a real problem by kindly offering solutions. And it just so happens that you get paid awesomely for it — you’ll get your first (or next) paycheck quickly with the least possible time/effort by going an inch wide & a mile deep.

The Neglected Assets training program is smartly divided up into a series of info-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more.

Each training module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) clearly explaining how you can profit from the little-known nuisance property market — from what these properties really are, to how to find them and talk with sellers, all the way to closing the deal and getting paid fast.

Neglected Assets Includes:
- Get in Here: why and how you should embrace this opportunity
- Scale: just how much neglected assets opportunity there is
- Murder: 4 things that can kill your success
- Why: What is yours
- Framework: understanding the problem and solution
- Lingo: How to speak the right “language”
- Time: understanding the nuisance property timeline
- Wholesaling: for the win – fast!
- Acquisition: exactly how to find, assess and prioritize
- Helping Hand: connecting with owners
- Negotiate: how to negotiate like a pro
- $$$: profit quickly
- Exit: how to sell the deal
- Double Close vs. Assignment: smartest and easiest way to close deals
- Finder: understanding and finding the right properties
- Process: the right steps for finding deals
- Speak Up: talking with sellers and buyers
- Offers: how to make winning offers
- Pricing: how to price it right
- Contracts: using the right agreements
- Exit: the right strategy to profit quickly
- Closing: what it looks like and how to get there
- Payday: how to get paid quickly
- Pro tips: in every module
- And much more…
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