Return on Assets - How Efficient is the Management Team

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Today we are going to start a video series that will cover each of the 30+ items on my Investment Checklist.

Each time I analyze a stock for a potential investment, I make sure I run it through my checklist. This checklist helps me make sure I do not leave anything out during the research process. There are a lot of things to look at and each one of these items are very , it wouldn't be in my investment checklist. Using this investment checklist helps to make the process a very streamlined, step-by-step process and this helps me to repeat my winners and eliminate my mistakes.

In the first lesson, we are going to go over Return on Assets, aka ROA, and why this is so important. I explain what it is, how we use to to compare against competitors, how we use ROA as a gauge of how efficient management is at running the company, what an acceptable Return on Assets should be, and I give an example comparing Return on Assets between two companies to illustrate the concept of ROA. I conclude this video showing you a very simple way to find ROA on a free website that I use to do most of my analysis.

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