Pet System Features, Enclave Future Content, Server Issues, New Changes & More | Fallout 76 News

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There's a lot of details about the upcoming Fallout 76 pet system in the game files already, such as pet emotes, challenges, and even daily missions! You will be able to feed your cat or dog pet, as long as perform many other actions. There are also clues new Fallout 76 Enclave content will come at some point, such as a new cell location.

Meanwhile, server instability continues and Game Pass players had issues accessing the game a few days ago. Allies are bugging more and more often too and the community in general wants the Daily Ops rewards to Bethesda also remove Nuclear Winter Daily Challenges without prior notice. Well, at least dataminers discovered the mysterious last mod for pipe pistols. Here's another batch of Fallout 76 news!

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn:

Fallout 76 Pets (Existing Cats & Dogs):

Fallout 76 Pipe Pistol Mods:


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00:00 - Intro
01:05 - 1. The Pet System is Taking Shape
04:09 - 2. New Enclave Content Will Eventually Come
05:46 - 3. Game Pass Players Were Not Able to Play F76
06:36 - 4. Bethesda Removed the NW Daily Challenges
08:00 - 5. Players are Unhappy with the Steel Dawn Loot System
09:56 - 6. Remaining Pipe Pistol Mod Discovered
11:23 - 7. Some Servers are Still Struggling Hard
13:56 - 8. New Legendary Perk (Deleted)
14:54 - 9. New Ally Bugs: Frozen & Run Away
16:35 - Outro
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