Nomad Sculpt 3D Design App - Scale files for 3D Printing!

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See how you can use Nomad Sculpt iPad and Android app for scaling files before you 3D Print them. Giving you a perfect fitting 3D Print!

Nomad Sculpt is easily the best 3D sculpting app on the iPad and lets you use the apple pencil to easily create 3D Design! It's also available on Android devices or iPhones.

3D printed on the Epax E10 4k Monoscreen Resin 3D Printer!

Nomade Sculpt App ➜

Weksters Skull Mask ➜

My Free 3D Head Scan that you can use ➜

ScandyPro iPhone 3D Scanner ➜

Checkout SouthernGFX for some great Nomad Tutorials ➜

Interested in resin 3D Printers?

Peopoly Phenom ➜

Anycubic Photon ➜

Elegoo Mars ➜

Some Additional Items you will want to consider for Resin 3D Printing ➜
Full List -
Disposable Gloves -
Plastic Spatula -
Metal Spatula -
Isopropyl (IPA) -
Pickle Container -
Funnel -
Paint Filters -

Interested in getting a 3D Printer? Here are some that I use ➜

Ender 3


CR-10 S4



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