New Huawei Google Mobile Services & Google Playstore Installation | 2020 AUGUST | No PC or USB

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Download Adfly Steps
openlink in Google Chrome or any Browser
Skip adfly,allow notification, change www1 to www5.

Google Drive link:

Dropbox link:

Megaupload link:

Decryption Key: NJ1L21P8jMh-gR3sLzhfCMXmql5kpNB9aGAtGKUc53w

Steps to Remove Google Notif to Procceed to Step 9.
GSF Clear Cache, Clear Data, Uninstall Google Play Services, back Date One Month, Open G App, Install No. 8. Repeat Steps until No Notif Pops up make sure there is no Notif ( to check Open and Force Close Playstore atleast 10x ) Before Installation of Step 9.

Retry Button Playstore:
For Retry Button of No GSF Generated, Force Close then Open Playstore several times or Restart Device Several times if still does not Generate New GSF or Playstore not working do steps Above

Important Note:
Fresh Install is Recommended, if things are getting rough repeat from step 1. Factory Reset :)
You need a lot of Patience in some cases, in others its just 10~15min and its Done.

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For p40 /p40 pro /mate 30/ mate 30 pro /mate xs / matepad T8/matepad/ matepad pro/ honor devices / Nova 7i/ y7p(android 10)

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