NEW Firmware v96.5 for the Infinity ECU!

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AEM has released Infinity firmware, This new version will require a software update, which can be accessed on the website. This release includes support for AEM’s PDU-8 8-Channel Power Distribution Module (PN: 30-8300) and a host of feature improvements that make tuning using Infinity ECU better than ever. See the Infinity Firmware release notes for a full breakdown of improvements.

InfinityTuner, the Infinity ECU's user interface software, is optimized for speed and performance with super high-resolution 3D graphics, and features user-selectable control types for custom layouts. An ECU Setup Wizard takes complex calibration setup work and simplifies it through a smart interface. The Infinity’s data logging playback mode allows for calibration editing and all controls are synched to the logged data. This allows you to edit calibration data exactly where you need to and minimize your tuning time. InfinityTuner software's highly flexible and allows you to choose from multiple strategies for boost control, idle control, traction control, charge air temp blend, launch control and more.

Check out the update here:

Check out the PDU-8 here:

Check out the Firmware:

Want to see the Update Notes?

0:00- Intro
0:30- InfinityTuner now supports the PDU-8
2:08- MAP and Fuel Pressure Sensors Sampling Rate Increased 10x
2:24- Improved Boost Feedback Enable Function For More Precise Control
2:42- Lambda Feedback Has Been Improved
3:00- Cam/Crank Sensor Signal Enhancements And New Diagnostics Channels
3:33- How to Flash the Update to the ECU
7:38- Troubleshooting
8:59- Outro

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