New Episode New Lockbox New Reskin EP:3 Sharandar Sneak Peak Mythic Mount & Companion Neverwinter

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With new episode or ep: 3 of sharandar, ofc, comes new lockbox and new mythic mount. Now i`m used to this but i have to say they could put abit more effort info design of this mounts not just stick a bunch of flowers on a gryphon and call it feywild gryphon. It`s just my 2c.
This mount and butterfly companion comes from ensorcelled lockbox and it`s all subject to a change obviously as i stated.
So episode 3 is i would say comming soon, probably won`t be on preview, but i`ll make sure to cover it all untill i deplete the "content" of it and not just make videos for the sake of it.
Untill next video stay safe stay healthy and see you soon, northside barbarian.

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