Neverwinter Mod 19 - Legion Guard Set Maps Of Avernus My Experience Northside Barbarian

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As promised, my take on the avernus maps post patch, drop rates but most importantly my own experience in geting the legion guard set, from measly 40 maps or so i was streaming so i dont recall.
It is obvious in my case, remember please this is how it worked for me, that maps are droping more frequently in avernus for mod 19 and it was a major problem which i voiced out in one of my previous videos namely Junk in treasure maps of avernus or something.
Now, i made a small intro about the issue, and then went on to compare the weapons again, as i like to own the item to showcase it and make comparison and give my opinion and advices and opinions.
So tldr Legion guard set is very good, mid or endgame imo, i explained it in a video, leave me in the comment section how it`s going for all of you guys and girls and i`ll provide info to Cm.
Special thank`s to Stefan for ultra edit, and see you at 15 000 northside!

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