Monster Truck Monday: Hot Wheels Play Set Grave Digger Boneyard Bash Unboxing and Play with Dad

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It's Monster Truck Monday time!! We found an old Hot Wheels Monster Jam play set at a garage sale! Watch as we unbox it, put it together and play Grave Digger's Barnyard Bash! In this video we have Grave Digger, Zombie, Max-D, El Toro Loco, Soldier of Fortune and others compete in the haunted house ghost play set from Hot Wheels. This set is from 2012 and it's awesome. We found it at a garage sale and it's still new and in the box. The stadium set comes with a Grave Digger 30th annivasary truck, haunted house, ghost, tombstones, skeletons, crushable car and more. Watch as the trucks jump, ramp and crash in epic adventure play with Evan and dad.

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