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NEW SEASON 6 RELOADED COD UPDATE THE HAUNTING OF VERDANSK IS LIVE AT 2:00PM EASTERN. We are going for that Dub-A-Day and we will be discussing some of the new features and checking out the new Zombie Royale Mode, upcoming night time modes and more!! Showing you all the new goodies, modes, guns and more like the R700, AS VAL & AA-12 and the latest update info! There is a TON of new game modes, toys, features, weapons and a BRAND NEW COD UNDERGROUND SUBWAY METRO and an eerie COD train that just runs around the perimeter just PACKED full of goodies and maybe even a TANK! ALSO bunker door 2 is NOW OPEN. Treats to be dropped for the mid-season 6 reloaded October 20th at 2:00am Eastern.! The Stadium will remain open with a nearby subway metro entrance as well up for season 6! We will also be looking into Season 6 COD Reloaded which officically launches Oct 20 @2Pm ET! We ALSO have the Nuke Launch Code now 009 827543 26 33 which will be launched when season six comes to a close! Also Coming Are full nighttime modes and zombies royale and two new operators, Farah & Nikolai from the Campaign

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR GETTING US OVER 5K subs! Road to 6k next and 10K around the bend! Y'all are INCREDIBLE!!

Warzone season 6 IS LIVE and theres possibly a NUKE detonation of Verdansk coming soon! STAY TUNED!! We will be discussing what's next as much as we can! We're doing a MAYHEM FILLED stream of season 6 into it with you all and showing you some of the new modes available in BR such as the NEW Season 6 Modes! Plus we have found out how to acceess Bunker 11 with THE SECRET NUKE! Watch to see just how we do it and YOU can too!!

Call Of Duty COD WARZONE On Playstation 4! WE PLAY LIVE and we play hard! Warzone Gameplay! Such an insane 150 person, teams of 4, 3's & duos and solo battle royale! So many toys & gadgets. Strategies, Vehicles & MORE! Come see why you NEED this game in your life!!!!

We will be showing you everything we can tonight with a crazy show of kills spills thirlls and more! COD Warzone now featured as CROSS PLAY on Xbox, PC, and PS4! ALSO WE STRIVE to get in the Secret Warzone Bunkers EVERY time we can find the red card! Keep your eyes out!

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