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Hello my YouTube Friends! Stellar here, trying to get over my fear of reading in real time.
The first 10 viewers will get their reading free and after I open up to do readings on a donation basis.
The readings will be sort of like a Pick-A-Card where you will pick the 1. Big Deck or 2. Small one and ask 1-2 questions and I will pull as many cards as I need to answer.
The donations must be made via PaypPal or Venmo for these readings, once I receive the notification that the donations have been made I will write down names in the order of the payment notifications.

Super Chats are not available due too monotization issues.
Thank you for the chance to read for you and I hope you enjoy my energy.
Blessings, Best Wishes and Love
✨I am a silly, loud and warm Intuitive Tarot Reader. I don't normally read reversals and I definitely deviate from original meanings of the cards. I keep my readings pretty vague, open and flexible, that in turn enables me to open you up to your own Intuition and inner knowing. Thats all I'm really here to do. I am not a psychic, fortune teller or a predictive. If I can't make sense of the cards and reading I will be honest and say I can't read the cards. I am not here to tell you what to do, only you can decide, Im just here to help you see things from a different light and bring you back to your own understanding.
I look forward to reading for you.
These mini readings are free but if you would like to leave a extra gift for my service I'd greatly welcome the gesture.

My intention with these readings is to bring you ease and warmth, so that you can go forward with a lighter heart.
I believe I am a safe space for you to tap into your own intuition and to ignite the inner knowing within you. If the messages don't make sense that's okay, toss is aside and keep going towards what you feel does. I like to think I am a catalyst to getting you to the reader or video intended for you.
I may just be a stepping stone and that's okay.

Thank you to all my regular subs for sticking with me and welcome in my new subs! Im happy to have you all here and I hope you enjoy what I bring forward.

Thanks for all the love and I wish you all the Best Always!
✨Stellar Services:
$5 Dollar Reading which is 5 cards 1-2 question
$10 Dollar Reading which is 10 cards 1-3 questions
$15 Dollar Reading which is 15 cards 3-5 questions
Just email what you'd like me to try and get clarity on or if you'd like open message.
If you're interested in a Romantic-Love Reading, I do have a reading with my take on a "You & Them" style spread  which is 4 cards for You, 4 cards for Them, 4 cards for the Connection and an additional 3-4 cards as guided. That will be a $20 dollar reading 11-15 cards 5 questions.
The readings will be a pre-recorded video reading and direct/private via YouTube link will be delivered to you within a 24-75 hour time frame after payment is received.
Payment of $, $, $, $ can be made via PayPal or Venmo:


If you'd like a quick Reading I do $1 dollar, 1 card, 1 Question written reading with a photo of you card and that's delivered within a 30-60 min time frame after payment is received.
Thank you, Best Wishes and Blessings.

*A Stellar Sparkle is Not A Predictive, Fortune Teller or Psychic
*All Sales are final. No Refunds
**Legal Disclaimer: A Stellar Sparkle's Interpretations are for entertainment purposes and do not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional help.
***A Stellar Sparkle has the right to refuse services.
*Dm on Instagram or Email astellarsparkle1111@ for Personal Readings
*Channel Donations Accepted (But Not Required) Through PayPal

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