Life after LOCKDOWN: FUNNY COMEDY SKETCH || Tik Tok VICTIM 2021 ✨Blimey

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How do you picture your life after LOCKDOWN? Here is a FUNNY COMEDY SKETCH about a Tik Tok VICTIM 2021

ALARM! ALARM! QUARANTINE ISN’T OVER! So we all can officially go CRAZY NOW! ????????????
Three months into lockdown and Lisa WENT COMPLETELY NUTS during self-isolation!
Well what toooo do when sitting at home is so VERY BORING ?? !!

Maybe it’s best to work all the time and throw all the forces into self-development? Or play sports and work out like a crazy monkey? Or attack the grocery stores? Well, what’s the point of being fit if the summer still seems to be canceled!
We present to you our new video - TYPES OF PEOPLE IN QUARANTINE! We prepared for you very funny sketches!
Have you recognized yourself? ????????
Write in the comments WHAT you have been doing at home all this time!

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