????[K-POP IN PUBLIC SPAIN] K-POP Random Play Dance Ver.1st Anniversary!! (K-INSA)????

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Annyeonghaseyo~ Somos K-INSA una Asociación Juvenil sin ánimo de lucro dedicada a dar a conocer el mundo asiático en nuestra ciudad. Aquí os dejamos el Random Play Dance de nuestra última quedada la cual fue para celebrar nuestro primer aniversario!! Muchisimas gracias a todas las personas que venís y también las que véis nuestros vídeos! Esperemos que os guste y nos veamos en la próxima, muchísimas gracias a tod@s!!! Seguidnos en nuestras redes sociales para enteraros de todas nuestras actividades, nos vemos!! Y FELICES FIESTAS!!

Annyeonghaseyo ~ We are K-INSA a non-profit Youth Association dedicated to publicize the Asian world in our city. Here we leave you the Random Play Dance of our last hangout which was to celebrate our first anniversary !! Thank you very much to all the people who come and also those who watch our videos! We hope you like it and see you next time, thank you very much to everyone! Follow us on our social networks to find out about all our activities, see you !! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!


Crazy - 4Minute
Airplane - BTS
Come See Me - AOA
Halla Halla - ATEEZ
Babe - Hyuna
Crown - TXT
As if It Your Last - BlackPink
Power Up - Red Velvet
Gee - SNSD
Monster - EXO
Love4Ever - Loona
Roller Coaster - ChungHa
Shine - Pentagon
Red Flavor - Red Velvet
La La Lay - Sunmi
Like Ooh Ahh - Twice
Wonderland - ATEEZ
Very Very - IOI
UH Oh - (G)I-DLE
Birthday - Somi
Yes or Yes - Twice
Mic Drop - BTS
Gashina - Sunmi
Saranghae Forever - Flos Mariae
Uh Oh - (G)I-DLE
Go Go - BTS
Fever - G-Friend
I'm So Sick - Apink
Boy With Luv - BTS
Gotta Go - ChungHa
GogoBebe - Mamamoo
Fear - Seventeen
Hip - Mamamoo
Energetic - Wanna One
Feel Special - Twice
Miroh - Stray Kids
Who That B - Jessi
Flash - X1
Yes or Yes - Twice
Zimzalabin - Red Velvet
Obsession - EXO
Pick Me - Produce 48
Boom Boom - KARD
Chica - ChungHa
Cumpleaños - Ozuna
Playing With Fire - BlackPink
Deja Vu - Nuest
Dionysus - BTS
Fancy - Twice
The Eve - EXO
Piri - Deeamcatcher
Hi High - Loona
Drip - Hinapia
Fever - JYP
Twit - Hwasa
Me Gustas Tu - G-Friend
Lip And Hip - Hyuna
Double Not - Stray Kids
Shower Flower - Hyuna
Forever Young - BlackPink
Tempo - EXO
Deja Vi - Deeamcatcher
Devil - CLC
Snapping - ChungHa
Idol - BTS
Deja Vu - Deeamcatcher
The Boots - Gugudan
Anpanman - BTS
Superhuman - Nct127
Moonwalk - WayV
Picky Picky - Weki Meki
Violeta - I*ZONE
Knock Knock - Twice
Miau Remix
Jopping - Super M
La La La - Weki Meki
Lion - (G)I-DLE
Kill This Love - BlackPink
Cherry Bomb - Nct127
Savage - ACE
Señorita - (G)I-DLE
Super Clap - Super Junior
Love4Ever - Loona
Dalla Dalla - ITZY
Starry Night - Mamamoo
Run Away - TXT
Zutter - GD y TOP
Calling My Name - GOT7
Butterfly - Loona
Peck A Boo - Red Velvet
Rumor - Produce 48
Dance The Highr Away - Twice
Un felling - UNB
Love Shot - EXO
What Os Love - Twice
Adios - Everglow
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