Jubilant Ingrevia vs Laxmi Organics|Discount to fair value?|P2P Analysis

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Time Stamps

Mental Model- Too Difficult Box: (0:00)
Business Analysis & Common Segments (1:50)
What are Diketenes, Value Chain: (9:02)
Jubilant Ingrevia- Clients, Business Segment, Value Chain : (12:10)
What is Pyridine & Picolines : (14:30)
Jubilant Ingrevia's Business Plan, Competitors, Revenue & EBITDA Margin: (18:12)
Key Financials- Jubilant Ingrevia& Laxmi Organics: (22:38)
Valuations: (25:48)

Disclaimer: We are not Sebi registered investment advisors. This video is only meant for education purpose and nothing constitutes as an investment advice.
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