Jeep Diff Skid Plate or Iron Man's Underpants Really Easy Install!

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This time on the AutoEdits Jeep How To Upgrade I show you how easy it is to install a differential skid plate or DSP on the rear end of your Jeep. If you bash your rear differential on which is bound to happen off it can not only cause damage to the housing but the most common issue is that it can ruin the seal between the diff cover and housing. That is the source of the dreaded differential oil leak seen under many Jeeps. This install is an easy way to help prevent that!
In this case we use a unit from MetalCloak and I like it because it of the perfect fit and 7 gauge steel construction. This will let me bash my diff into the rocks with a little more peace of mind and because of the angled approach on the it should help me slide over some obstacles rather than catch and cause damage.
Here's a link to the one in the video but there are lots of options on the web so pick the flavor that suits your budget or favorite

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