Installing the LS V8 in my Jeep Wrangler!

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Its time to install the LS into my Jeep Wrangler LJ! In the last video, we pulled out the old engine and prepped to install the new engine.
For those who are new to the channel, I am installing a 2006 Gen3 LS engine into my Jeep. The goal is to keep this budget friendly, while still being an amazing swap. In the first few videos, i tore down the engine to do a good cleaning and inspection. The followed up with a few new parts and a nice Camshaft from Texas Speed.
In this video, its time to take a look at some of the transmission modifications that are needed to run this 4L60E with the Jeep 231 Transfercase.
I chose to go with the Advance Adapters Kit. They have been making parts for this swap for a very long time, and they have got it down to a science!
The Advanced Adapters kit comes with everything we will need to make this transmission work. Not only does it allow us to bolt up the transfercase, it allows us to use the GM VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) that is needed for the GM computer. We will still be using the speed sensor on the Jeep Transfer Case for the Speedometer too.
Like I mentioned, AA sends a new 27 Spline tcase input shaft so it matches up to the transmission. That install will be shown in another video since we still have to install the Advanced Adapters Slip Yoke Eliminator at the same time.
AA also makes another adapter option. They sell a 23 spline kit which replaces the Transmission output shaft, this has to be installed by a transmission shop (or a very knowledgeable transmission friend), this is due to the fact that the transmission has to be fully opened up to install it. This kit can be a good idea if you plan on getting your transmission rebuilt anyways. The 23 spline kit is slightly stronger and gives you a shorter overall length (Great for you TJ owners).

Next up it was time to get the LS Swap engine mounts ready. I wanted to use the Advance Adapter mounts, however they require a 4" lift since they keep the engine lower for better Center of Gravity. I don't really want to lift the jeep any higher, so i decided to try out the Holley Hooker engine mounts.
The Holley engine mounts are more expensive, and they do mount the engine pretty high, but they are said to work with minimal suspension lift.

If you plan on doing this swap, then make sure to have a 2 ton hoist at minimum. The 1ton simply doesn't have the depth needed to put the LS engine in the Jeep.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.

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4L60E to 231 Adapter:
**Some older Jeeps have the 21 Spline tcase, AA sells multiple adapter kits for various years, if you dont know what you have then give them a call so they can help you get the right products**

Holley Engine Mounts:

Advance Adapters Engine Mounts:

Knock Sensor Relocation:

Engine Hoist Leveler:

T50 plus Torx bit:

Ls Engine Mount Bolts:

Ls Water Pump Bolts:

Spark Plug Wires:
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