Idol Chat with Mate Rimac - his life and personal cars part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of our Idol Chat with Mate Rimac.

Sometimes compared to Nikola tesla and Elon Musk, Mate only has a one car garage at home, so just for The Late Brake Show he arranged to bring his vehicles to an empty shopping mall which has recently started conversion into a new Rimac car and battery production facility. Despite the company being part owned by Porsche and Hyundai, Mate has a thing for BMW M cars. He doesn't even drive an EV every day - it's either an M5 or one of his 100kmh e-bikes.

If you haven't already, watch part 1 here:

Or watch our first drive review of the 258mph Rimac Nevera hypercar:

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0:00 Intro
0:20 No Porsche. Just an old A8
1:18 Pebble Beach auctions
1:34 Dream BMW Z4 M coupe
2:25 Not an environmentalist
3:03 When Porsche invested
3:43 Dodgy investors
4:13 Are you famous in Croatia?
5:22 Changed the country's economy?
5:40 Keep it in Croatia
6:24 BMW E30 M3 EVO III
8:15 E30 M3 engine
8:55 Rimac building affordable cars?
9:49 Cars Mate
10:20 Upcoming good EVs - Lucid Air
10:46 Not driven M3 yet!
11:52 I don't have a garage at home
12:19 Car bucket list
12:46 Horatio Pagani and Christian Koenigsegg
13:51 Any other Croatian cars?
14:15 Buying the Ducati Panigale and Z4
15:00 I choose this lifestyle
15:16 M5 daily driver
15:55 I don't own a Nevera
16:25 Richard Hammond crash
18:20 Car crashed. It burns. Richard alive.
20:27 Building an E30 V10
20:55 Mate's BMW M5 competition
21:46 Fleet of sports cars for employees
22:10 Nevera ruined other supercars for me
22:50 Buying some emotional cars. Carrera GT?
23:15 Want a Merc SLR, Karmann
23:47 Dream garage
24:30 Subscribe and outro

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