How We Made Friday Night Funkin’s Hardest Mod Yet

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Zardy from Zardy's Maze has now brought his absurd challenges to Friday Night Funkin' in a new ruthless mod for the song Foolhardy. Following in the difficult footsteps of Whitty, Hex, Tricky, and other amazing mods, how will players rise up to the challenge? But more importantly, how was all of this pulled off? Let's talk about that! Hopefully this mod will hold you off until Week 7!

NOTE: The timing window (10 frames) mentioned in this video is actually the SICK window and all the other windows are based off it. It also gets converted into milliseconds which equates to 166ms. This is really forgiving considering that a game like Etterna (Stepmania mod)'s version of SICK has a 22ms frame window.

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Music credits:
"Gettin Freaky (Main Menu)" - FNF
"Foolhardy" - Rozebud
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