How to Trade Gaps for Bitcoin and Ethereum w related assets Grayscale GBTC ETHE Bitwise MSTR

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As ETHEREUM and Bitcoin gap up to the moon, this video outlines observations on how to trade arbitrage opportunities and market gaps when markets open after big movement in underlying assets ie when Ethereum moves up $300-400 and the markets are closed so assets like ETHE cannot trade. Key insights around placing limit orders - how and why. Also the dangers of these quasi ETFs and observations of how they correlate to underlying assets.
0:00 Mind the Gap
0:30 Bitcoin FOMO from hell
1:10 Watch out for scammers
1:30 How to play the gaps when huge action happens over the weekend in underlying assets like Bitcoin and ETH
2:16 Types of Gaps
3:30 Fill or Kill - types or ordering strategies
3:54 Bitwise trading example and huge open candle wicks to be aware of
5:15 Bitcoin BTC versus Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC relative performance and correlation and arbitrage opportunities
7:40 Ethereum ETH versus Grayscale Ethereum Trust ETHE relative performance and correlation and arbitrage opportunities especially after ETH has moved up over 300 points since the market closed.
9:45 Bitcoin versus Microstrategy arbitrage opportunity
11:30 Beware of Bitwise BITW - the wild west Casino
12:27 summary of the gaps and big moves tomorrow morning when the market opens
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