HOW TO: Screen Mirroring for Nintendo Switch 2020

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Watch this video and learn how to smartify your #Nintendo #Switch with the Screen Mirroring App. Mirror your iPhone, iPad or Android screen to watch photos, videos, movies, apps and even games on the Nintendo Switch screen or the attached TV.

***Important***: After setting the manual DNS Server (described in the video) and connecting to your WiFi, a new dialog from Switchbru appears. There you must choose the option "Enter URL" and enter "" to open the Screen Mirroring App Website on your Nintendo Switch.

The Screen Mirroring App is available in different App Editions on They work great with PC, Laptop, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, Gaming Console, Smart TV and thousands of other devices, for example Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV and Playstation 3, 4, Pro, Xbox 360 + One, Nintendo WiiU.

To mirror your screen to Nintendo Switch please download the app.

**Get the App** ⤵️

If you want to cast videos instead of mirroring your screen, please check out:

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