How to Play The Danish Gambit Like Daniel Negreanu

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Hikaru Nakamura and poker legend Daniel Negreanu (PokerKid) go further into one of the deadliest weapons in chess- The Danish Gambit. See part one here:


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0:00 Intro
0:33 Danish Gambit Declined - Nf6 line
2:49 En passant
3:55 Develop and castle
5:02 Where to move queen?
7:30 How to attack the king
8:12 Danish Gambit Declined - d5 line
9:27 Unpin the knight
12:35 Recap d5 lines
13:12 Develop kingside in Bf5 variation
15:01 Adding an attacker to pawn
16:02 Opening line of attack for bishop
17:50 Response to d6 (Philidor/Bc4 transposition to the Danish Gambit)
22:53 Doubling Rooks
23:40 Smith Morra Gambit
26:16 Queen Trap
27:52 General plan for development
28:55 Danish Gambit - early Bb5+
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