How to crack interviews for product-based companies?

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The placement season is on in full swing, but no need for the hullabaloo. We can assist you in creating a roadmap or a cheat sheet to seamlessly sail through the toughest time of the year with a webinar on ‘Cracking Interviews for Product-Based companies’ on 12th September from PM. This webinar will help you understand the importance, benefits and the demand of product-based companies in the IT sector alongside making an informed choice on choosing to work with them. From answering the key questions asked during the product-based interviews to getting interview calls from the product-based companies, this webinar will answer all your queries.

What are Product Based companies?

Product-based companies sell something tangible that can be utilised by a large set of audience. These companies usually hire candidates who have very good domain knowledge and are familiar with the latest tools and technology. Examples of leading product-based companies include Oracle, Adobe, CISCO, Hewlett-Packard (HP), McAfee, SAP, Intuit and many more.

Checklist for Product-Based Companies:

· Strong foundational knowledge

· Good problem-solving skills

· Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

· Knowledge of different Operating Systems

· Efficiency to work with dynamic Database


· Interview Questions during the technical interview rounds

· Aspiring projects to scale your portfolio

Benefits of Product Based Companies:

· Product-based companies create or design their products or application in advance even before clients approach them. Therefore, you get a chance to create a product along with others.

· Product-based companies can market and sell their products to the global market, makes you work for a large set of audience.

· Starting salary package usually is between 10LPA – 40LPA.

· Product-based companies hire the best candidates that makes them niche and superior in every aspect.

· The working environment and the perks have a huge list.

· These companies have higher job security as you may work and master on a product for several years, being an important asset to the company.

If you are keen to get placed at a Product-Based MNC then we strongly recommend this webinar to become eligible to crack the product-based company interviews, without a glitch.
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