How Do Computers Remember?

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Exploring some of the basics of computer memory: latches, flip flops, and registers!

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00:00 Intro
00:34 SR Latch
04:33 Data Latch
05:56 Race Condition
07:32 Breadboard Data Latch
09:36 Asynchronous Register
11:41 The Clock
13:03 Edge Triggered Flip Flop
14:18 Synchronous Register
18:25 Outro

"Frontier" by Shimmer
"A Quiet Place" by Jordan White
"Constellations" by Acreage
"Beyond the Horizon" by Sounds Like Sander
"Crystal Bursts" by Cody Martin
"When Rain Comes" by Tide Electric
"Air" by Assaf Ayalon
"Mallets of Mischief" by Rhythm Scott

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