Honda Talon 1000X 4 | SuperATV Full Tinted Roof Install

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Are you looking for a way to take on nasty weather, flying trail debris, and harmful rays in comfort and style? Install a SuperATV Tinted Roof on your Honda Talon 1000X to ride easy through all conditions. It’s built to last and has high impact resistance, so you never have to worry about it breaking if things get out of hand. And because it’s made from clear polycarbonate, it won’t make you feel crowded or closed in!

-Made of 1/4" dark tinted polycarbonate
-Gives you full visibility and awareness
-Keeps out sun, rain, and debris
-Heavy-duty steel clamps keep roof secure
-Sealed edges to prevent leaking
-Snug, rattle-free fit
-Easy to install—includes all hardware and instructions

Order your tinted roof today:
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