Here's Why I Play This Pattern EVERY Night (CHANGE YOUR WORLD!)

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Most guitar players will watch YouTube videos on how to play solos, with their focus on one tonality exclusively. While there's nothing wrong with doing that, there is a way to approach things differently and gain more options for playing over many more music styles.

The problem with focusing on just one tonality is even if you get everything right with the one tonality, you can still run into problems when it comes to playing solos in music styles like; Blues, Jazz, Soul, Country, Funk and R&B, (just to name a few).

The direction of this lesson introduces blended scales over dominant harmony (Dominant 7th Chords). This will work wonders for a guitar player's ability to solo over almost any kind of music style.

Blending the notes of Major and Minor scales will stimulate musical growth by helping a guitarist hear new sounds, locate alternative notes, and control melodic direction in ways that they have never experienced before.

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