Ghost of Tsushima Legends - Powerful Samurai Build - The Samurai of War

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By far the most powerful samurai build I have done so far, It will require skill to use not one of those brain dead builds that anyone can NO you will need to be good at parrying and controlling the battle field to use such build, because getting hit is not an option.

Ghost of Tsushima Samurai of War Build:

Samurai The God of War Build

Solo/DUO Runs


Explosive Blades
Deep Strikes 10% Melee
Lightning Reflexes

Katana - Masamune's Edge 20% Chance to deal double damage (All Melee Damage 2x)
1* Melee Damage 12%
2* OniDamage 10% (recommended for solo) or Ultimate Damage 20% (recommended for survival)
3* Water Stance (overall the best stance to stagger any type of enemies faster)

Ranged - Half Bow or Long Bow
1* Ranged Damage
2* Ranged Resolve Gain
3* Helmet Piercing

Charm - Enjoe's Remorse - Full Health 15% Damage (All Damage by 15%)
1* Ultimate Damage 20%
2* Fire Damage 12% (I have want to reroll for melee) Melee Damage 12% or Melee Resolve Gain 10% (Any of them are good)
3* Leeching Parry (must have for solo runs for aggressive playstyle)

Ghost Weapon - Kunai
1* Melee Damage
2* Status Effect Duration
3* Fired Up

Ghost Weapon - Smoke Bomb (recommended for solo when overwhelmed) or Healing Gourd
SB 1* Stealth Attack Damage 1* Damage Reduction
SB 2* Cooldown Reduction 2* Injured Resolve Gain
SB 3* Sudden Resolve 3* Strong Brew (Must for Solo)

Total Melee Damage vs Mobs: Raw Damage whilst at full health
97% Raw Damage With Masamune's Edge Perk

Total Melee Damage vs Oni: Raw Damage vs Oni Whilst Full Health
117% Raw Damage vs with Masamune's Edge Perk

You could have 117% on all mobs and 137% on Oni if you replaced Fire damage on the Enjoe's Charm for melee damage.
A Total of 58% On Base Mobs and 68% on Oni and with Masamune's Edge Perk. it would double both base damage to Mobs 117% and Oni 137% Melee Damage.

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