Foundry VTT Module: "Living Desert" expansion for the Modular Town System

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We're colonizing the desert with a massive expansion of desert-themed assets, but also bringing it to life with new animated assets by The Gorgon! I also feature some new useful macros, some supporting assets for the Moulinette system, and some outstanding new assets from Baileywiki community members Abominablerob and Shaftoe.

Jump around the time stamps to what you find interesting, and let's get started!

Featured Links:
Animated Assets by the Gorgon
Forgotten Adventures Assets
Moulinette Core Module

To get this system now and all my other stuff for $7, or just to support my work, come check out

Baileywiki Installation Guide:
Baileywiki Modular System:

00:00 Intro & Release Highlights
02:50 Installation and Setup
04:18 New Animated Assets by The Gorgon
08:29 More by the Gorgon
09:26 New Interior Walls for building with Moulinette Module
11:53 New Macros and the New Token Magic FX GUI
17:08 New Desert Motif for Class 3 Buildings
18:37 New Desert Motif for Class 2 Buildings
19:13 New Building Portfolio from Contest Winner: Abominablerob
22:56 New Bathhouse and Library from Contest Winner: Shaftoe
25:07 Closing Thoughts
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