FIFINE Studio Condenser USB Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit with Adjustable Scissor Arm S...

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- FIFINE Studio Condenser USB Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit with Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount for

FIFINE Studio Condenser USB Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit with Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount for

I love that it comes with pop Filters. I use it for music and videos
Great versatility for the money. The sound quality is very good for my voice over work and it works with my desk/desktop setup very nicely.
The mic stand adds a nice touch of versatility if you dont want the arm of the microphone but still want to use the microphone, allowing you to take this with you for field recordings/editing.
Ive been happy with the purchase and its made my work that much easier.
I was skeptical when I saw this mic in the search results, since I had never heard of the brand and usually a price like that is a red I was quickly proven wrong when the mic arrived.
I dont claim to be an audiophile or audio engineer in any way, I just needed a mic for streaming and voice chat that didnt pick up background noise easily (which from what I hear, USB mics are often known for catching background noise more than XLR setups- that may be wrong, though) and this mic fit the bill quite well (I have 2 fans running for tinnitus and air circulation, and the mic can still clearly pick up my voice from 6-12 inches away from my face without the fans bleeding through) The gain knob on the microphone is *incredibly* sensitive, I barely have to push it much past 0- but Im guessing that could just be a very touchy potentiometer behind the gain knob, but not a major issue included stand, shock mount, pop filter and boom arm were part of what really sold me on this one over other USB microphones (be it similarly priced or more expensive) since that would add anywhere from $20 to $100+ to the cost, depending on the brand, etc.
do have a small issue with the boom arm- which was rather uncooperative, the set screw on the mount came loose easily and let the mic swing left to right at bad times, and was rather restrictive in some directions while being too loose in others (even when tightening down the hinges) but for $10-15 stand, its not horrible for starting in all, Id say you cant go wrong with this kit if youre wanting to get into streaming, podcasts, youtube, etc.
Especially if, like me, youre not certain how well itll take off and dont want to invest hundreds of dollars on- say, a Blue Yeti or AT2020 USB (or the even more expensive XLR options, with extra hardware that pushes the cost even further) and equipment for that, which might become useless if streaming/youtube/podcasting doesnt work out- this is definitely a solid mic to start with.
I was planning to buy a mic for home since I was a college student and didnt want to bring a headset back every break, so I bought a desk mic and a decent headphone for home use.
This mic is actually very good if you know how to set it up. The only downside is how it picks up the sound of my keyboard, but that is probably because I own a mechanical keyboard.
I set my mic up by turning the mic volume knob to the max and turning the mic sound property on the control panel to 65 so it wouldnt pick up as much white noise.
As soon as I got the microphone I plugged it in and tested the audio to see if it was really worth the $50. Turns out that it was!
Heres why!•Comes with a Desktop Boom Arm• Pop Filter•Shock mount•Pivot mount• USB Cable (Good Quality)•C-clam•3/8 to 5/8 adaptor•Tripod Stand (Metal)Overall I was sincerely impressed with the quality of the microphone.
Not only does this audio sound good, the casing is made from a heavy, durable metal that feels sturdy enough to drop a few you ask me I feel like this one can sound almost like the Rode Micro microphone, except you can control the volume you’re seriously interested in purchasing this microphone, I’d highly recommend it for someone who is on a budget but wants their audio to sound crisp.
The amazing price of this mic compared to the sound quality is absolutely amazing. If you’re starting out on anything from voice acting to creating a YouTube channel this would be a great mic to start off on
This mic is absolutely fabulous! I got it to do a review on my Youtube channel, and Im actually quite impressed with it. The convenience of quick USB connectivity works great for
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