[Elyon] How Elyon Skill Systems Works - MMORPG 2021 (CBT Keys Giveaway)

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Elyon is one of the most anticipated MMORPG as of late. After a draught of MMORPG's in 2020, we finally have a strong line-up of notable and polished MMORPG's coming out. Elyon was made by the developers of Tera Online and feels like a worth successor. With a plethora of customization and content, the hype train is moving full speed ahead!

In this video, BDO Bloo explains how the skill system in Elyon works. There's a ton of depth into how you can modify skills and opens up a lot of potential. Even though the number of classes are few, the amount of variations we can come up with makes way for completely different playstyles from the same class. I hope you find this informational!
Part 1: Class Overview ()
Part 2: Skill System Overview ()
Part 3: Gear System ()
Part 4: Is Elyon P2W? (upcoming)

Full Vod:
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00:00 - Start
00:40 - Skills Intro
01:10 - Skill Variations
02:20 - How to unlock skills in Elyon
04:51 - Runes System
13:42 - Pets in Elyon (off topic)
14:56 - Rune System Continued
17:34 - Sephirot Skill System
22:00 - How to get Sephirot Points
[Elyon] Skill System Overview - MMORPG 2021 (CBT Keys Giveaway)
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