Double Your Money in 3 Hours Sports Betting

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Sports gambling, where you can double your money in a single afternoon of betting on some football games. How hard could it be when there are experts out there selling you their guaranteed winners? This episode of To Catch a Get Rich Quick Predator we’re talking about sports gambling.

In the sports betting world, you have real handicappers who are considered the “sharps”, you have the general public who are considered the “squares”, and you have the “touts” who are given less respect than artists gave video vixens in the early 2000’s.

Time for a quick little education on sports betting since some of you may be enticed to try it. On each bet, there will be a vig, short for vigorish, which is the sportsbook’s cut. If you’re betting against the lines, you’ll typically see odds such as minus 110. That means you need to lay $110 to earn $100. The goal of the books is to have even action on each side of the line. If they take your money on team A at minus 110 and the same amount of money on team B at minus 110, then they’ll profit the $10 difference from the $100 payout to the winner. That’s their dream.

It’s the vig that keeps you from winning in sports betting. Most sports bettors over time can win around 45-50% of their bets, but the vig keeps you from actually profiting. If you ever want to catch a guy wearing a sports jersey him how many girls he’s slept with or how many winners he picks with his sports betting.

Sports bettors need to win of their games in order to break even if they’re playing the lines with minus 110 odds and betting the same amount each game. The amount of people who are able to win at a 55% clip over the long haul is nearly zero; that’s basically the number you need to hit to make this a full time living. If these fraudsters actually won with their picks, they’d lay low and have runners in every casino in Vegas putting in picks for them.

What makes it even more difficult for you to turn a profit if you invest in these touts is that you need to win at an even higher rate to cover the payment you send them. If you’re sending a few hundred dollars to a tout for picks and your bankroll is only a few hundred dollars, then you’ll need a 100% return in order to even get your money back.
Sports touts will generally claim a 75% winning percentage or higher. It’s all lies. I’m going to present you the bullet proof system on figuring out if a sports bettor is lying.

Step 1: if they say their winning percentage is over 55%, they’re either lying or betting heavy favorites. Either way, the only way they’re getting paid is by taking your money paying for picks. Good, now you will never buy into their BS.

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