DarkStory Online #11 - Gameplay/Walkthrough (PC) - MMORPG on Steam

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DarkStory Online is a 2D MMORPG inspired by classic old-school RPGs. With hundreds of gameplay hours, immerse yourself with this epic role experience where you can conquer dungeons, fly on top of a giant hawk, and fight against amazing creatures, explore the different continents with your friends, and much more.

Real-Time Action RPG
Friendly Community
Battle Arena(PvP)
Unique Classes Mechanics
Authentic Quests
Party System
Digging, Fishing, Woodcutting and Minning professions
Enhancement System
Coop Quests(Up to 4 players)
Crafting and Forge System
Monster Cards and In-game collection
Mounts System
Achievements and Goals
Rewarded Progress
Customize your own Character
Skill Mastery
Daily Check
World Boss
Pin System
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