Danye & A-Kid - Play On Playa (Official Music Video)

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Play On Playa (Official Music Video)

Produced by Azique Beats
Composed & Arranged by Azique Beats
Written & Performed by A-Kid, Danye
Guest vocals by NVKA
Engineered by Azique Beats


ADVISORY : This song contains extremely explicit lyrics and content.

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We gotta play on playa, we gotta play on playa


Look at me right now
Chasin bands right now
Tak macam dulu
Dulu takde clue
Sekarang krayziegang
Passport stamp on the gram
We be flexin like a champ
This feeling ain't new to me
All these hoes ain't new to me
Them fake friends ain't new to me, susah baru nak cari
Perut dah naik,
Aku kongsi half of my plate
Pleade make no mistake,
Bukan for them who went sideways
Tell me that I'm wrong now
Buat mama feeling proud I've been plotting all along
Biar dorang mimpi yeah,
Kita chillin at the porch man buat hal sendiri yeah,
Hidup takde stress, blessing tak putus
Forget about my past, shoutout master bruce
Hidup takde had, we dont have to choose,
Aint got shit to lose, like its all a


We gotta play on playa, we gotta play on playa


what else im gonna do then if i pause
dah tahu buat music ni ada kos
Its best if i
Its best if i just makeup for my loss and
Rise up again yall watch me advance

nak buat for dem bands too, why not
Families aint got nuf when it comes to hand outs, my fault
Kena like show em my words gon be more than a dialog
Grown and I decided
Im not playin this game by law

Offering the real me
Even if it kills, see how it goes
tukar gerak geri
Studied back the drill, had to be hold

Took a break to remake it
For the state ive been praying
Give me play offs, nak swing it hard
tak akan stop creating
Be that i fall
I may reboot and keep saying


We gotta play on playa, we gotta play on playa
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