Covid-19 Charity Live Stream

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Donate to NHS Charities Together:
Learn more about the stream here:

Stream Events
10:05 Introduction
38:40 Scott of Pleasure Beach Experience
1:08:28 Logan of Thrills United
1:39:18 Harry's Live Haircut
2:23:45 European Theme Park Quiz
3:09:23 Chris of Screwy Loops
3:40:13 Digital Dan / PlanCo
4:23:48 Nick Hutson
4:54:42 Immersive Memes
5:23:44 Silvarret / OpenRCT2
6:07:56 Coaster Studios / Quiplash
7:12:47 American Theme Park Quiz

We’ll also be giving out Coaster Bot merch to random donaters and reading out your donation messages as they come in! For a chance to win some merch make sure to check the 'share details with the Coaster Bot team' option if you donate so we can contact you if you're the lucky winner!
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