Classic TBC Investments - Buy Now & Sell in TBC for Profit!

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These are items you can buy right now in Classic, and you can sell in TBC to make profit! This is obviously an early draft, and a lot can change over time as we get closer to TBC's release date, but unless something drastic like TBC+ happens I think many of these investments are fairly safe. So if you're looking to invest your gold into some items to make gold in the burning crusade, here you go! Some of these items are the same items as I covered in the "Classic WoW items that are still relevant in TBC" video, but in this video I also covered some Bound items that I will not cover in this video. I will only cover investments you can sell for gold, aka tradeable items, and I have added a couple of extra items aswell to this video to make it a bit more tailored towards investing.
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