ChainLink (LINK) Not looking too bad, relatively. March 13 Technical Analysis & Price Predictions

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The ChainLink Prices have dropped a lot, filling all the measured move we have expected and perhaps looking to do the whole thing. So what next? Where could Chainlink be going, are there support and resistance levels? In this video we look at the entries, exits and targets for LINK/USD and LINK/BTC with crucial levels identified.

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All you need to know about the Chainlink (LINK) price, it's targets and entries and exits in the market.

Chainlink has seen months of positive price action versus the US Dollar and Bitcoin, making this one of the strongest assets in the cryptocurrency industry. We look at the price action over the last few months up to the current period and see where the prices could be going next.

The following indicators are used in today's video:
Exponential Moving Averages:
Yellow Solid Line = 21
Green Solid Line = 55
Cyan Solid Line = 144
Purple Solid Line = 233

Simple Moving Averages:
Red Dotted Line = 55,
White Dotted Line = 233

RSI + Ema,

I also use Fibonacci Retracement tool and use the horizontal line tool frequently. I will point out patterns from time to time, primarily head & shoulders (H&S), triangles (usually equilateral or ascending/descending) and parallel channels.

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