BREAKNIG NEWS: Shark Defi & Lion Tron Exit scam? My Gameplan for Tron Defi Investing

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Shark Defi & Lion Tron websites disappeared and their contracts drained.
Even if they come back, their trust has been eroded and is likely to crumble like other projects that lost the trust of the defi community.

Despite the nice UI and website, SharkDefi was flawed from the beginning.
-Lack of an audit
-Contract not verified
-Anonymous team
-Too good to be true (Shark Invest offering 15% daily ROI)

Victims are being picked on for a second time on Telegram channel as 'rescuers' offer to help them get their TRX back with their private keys. You can say bye bye to the rest of your crypto after handing them your private keys.

I also show an example of a crypto investment plan:
Cold storage with Ledger Nano:

Staking with Exchanges:

Medium risk
High Risk projects

Remember to practice risk management and do your due diligence. You are responsible for your own crypto investments.

==========Useful resources in Crypto==================

Ledger Nano:

Binance (10% off trading fees)

Free crypto (BAT TOKEN):
I use Brave browser to get BAT FREE (A few hundred a year if you are using this browser). It comes with a free adblocker.
Get yours free here -

TRX opportunities:
Sun Token

Cyberchain (up to 500% ROI)
DSP Token (get 5% more with my referral link


Disclaimer, the crypto space is volatile and yield farming moves fast. be sure to do your due diligence and only invest what you can afford to lose. Consult a financial advisor for professional advice.

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